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NCUA looking deeper into vendor management in 2019

According to NAFCU, National Credit Union Administration examiners are paying extra attention to vendor management and outsourcing processes in 2019. NCUA stated it would focus on the “oversight of service provider arrangements…

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The examiner cometh. Are you prepared?

You know it’s coming. And every year, your team spends countless hours gathering the available information, hunting through files, poring through financial databases and searching for more requirements only to discover some…

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Time for a change

How often have you heard people say, “Timing is everything”? As a leader in your institution, you know how important the power of timing is in just about everything you do. So, it’s rather amazing when I hear leaders tell me…

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So, what’s up with vendor planning?

A community bank was excited to offer their customers a chip debit card. But when they called their ATM vendor, they discovered that, even though it was only five years old, the ATM wasn’t chip adaptable. So, they had to…

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