Better Vendor Selection, Contracting, and Performance Management webinar 

Maple Street is partnering with the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues to host an educational webinar


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CCUL Webinar

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Tuesday, March 29 at 11 a.m. PST


This webinar will discuss the importance of a better way to select and contract with vendors to focus on the aspect of vendor management missing in almost every program: vendor performance.

With an ever-increasing dependency on vendors to deliver your performance, understanding how to build and work with vendors in a relationship contract to achieve your desired results is paramount to your future.

Vendor contracts – and relationships – are complex, expensive, and long-term. Selection of the right vendor to be your partner is the only way to contract for results, not excuses.


Mike Crofts, Maple Street president

Mike Crofts is a lawyer and banking consultant. He is a graduate of the University of Idaho and Gonzaga University School of Law and has worked in private practice and as a corporate attorney for ISC-Bunker Ramo Corporation (Olivetti USA), Marketing Profiles, Inc., the John H. Harland Company, and the Sedona Corporation.

In 2003, Mr. Crofts founded Maple Street, Inc., a company that provides an out-sourced contract and vendor management and negotiation service to over 150 financial institutions to better manage their contracts and contract relationships, reduce costs, improve vendor performance, and meet regulatory requirements.


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Real Success Stories

Our mission is to empower credit unions and community banks to thrive. We’ve saved our clients over $220 million. Here’s how we did it and how our experts can help your institution too. 

Maple Street helped save NIHFCU over $200,000 on the first major contract negotiated and has continued to provide negotiation services that total $5,333,000 in savings to date – and the credit union passed every exam.

Maple Street helped re-build Mazuma, saved the institution over $6 million, helped increase services and negotiated more favorable vendor contract terms while keeping them healthy in the eyes of examiners and vendors.

Maple Street’s vendor management helped Skypoint FCU achieve success and save over $1 million, double their assets, triple their loan portfolio… with no mergers. 

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