About Maple Street

Maple Street’s Vision of Managing Vendors Comes to Life

With the Vendor Advantage System®


Based on our many years of experience helping clients select, negotiate, contract, and manage vendors, Maple Street developed the only complete and comprehensive vendor management system available today: the Vendor Advantage System®.

Of course, we guarantee our clients will pass their exam, but we’ve learned compliance is not enough to help clients meet their everyday challenge: competition. Our clients rely on vendor performance to deliver the service customers crave, so we’re helping our clients make sure their vendors are delivering the results they need.

We are shifting the vendor paradigm at a time when the entire credit union and community banking industry has to think differently about what to demand from vendors and what it means for performance.

Maple Street has a unique vision of vendor management. Vendor management should be a strategic, crucial, complete process to manage vendors in order to reduce expenses, improve vendor performance, and manage risk. It can, and should be, more than just compliance.

Now, we’ve made that vision a reality. We built the Vendor Advantage System® to meet compliance requirements while continuing to positively impact our clients’ bottom lines by generating a positive ROI. We provide a range of services to implement the VAS® system for our clients, changing the focus of vendor management to managing vendors.

We’re a services company by design. Our clients can focus on their priorities, leaving much of the routine work of vendor management to us.

Our strategy is simple: provide sustainable value to our clients that addresses their most important needs in a highly competitive market, reinforced by constant improvement and innovation, and implemented by a team of highly-skilled and highly-trained professionals.

Our Vendor Advantage System® is a game-changer, making our clients more competitive and improving their performance. Our new tag line says it all: Managing Vendors. Powering Performance®.