Contract Well

with Maple Street's Vendor Advantage System™

With Maple Street’s Vendor Advantage System™ you’ll get a fair contract that defines the performance you expect. We start working for you before you sign, and we negotiate contracts that define performance so we can measure results. You’ll get the right contract that delivers the right results at the right price.

Hold Vendors Accountable

Vendor contracts don’t describe the vendor’s performance. That’s right. There is no detail of what the vendor’s product or service will do. Vendor contracts are crystal clear about what and when you pay, but not about giving you something to measure against to determine if you’re getting what you bought.

The Vendor Advantage System® Will Change How You Contract

VAS® goes beyond standard service level agreements. Contracting well means using a revolutionary process to clarify vendor performance and documenting what was agreed upon so you can measure performance and hold vendors accountable.

The contract is often the most overlooked part of the vendor management process, but it’s arguably the most important. The fact is you don’t have the time, and you don’t have the price and term information you need to get the best results. Maple Street does.