included in Maple Street's Vendor Advantage System™

Maple Street is all about delivering results: reduced expense, improved vendor performance, and managed risk. You already have too much to do, causing loss of focus on what’s most important: exceeding customer expectations. So we offer specialized services to implement the Vendor Advantage System™ so you can get back to business.

Comprehensive System to Manage Vendors

We provide a comprehensive suite of services to manage vendors, so it’s not vendor management, it’s managing vendors. Using the Vendor Advantage System® and our services gives you a complete vendor management office staffed with the best pros in the business.

This is what we do:


Contract Management

• Manage all contracts
• Calendar contract dates and provide alerts
• Privacy, Red Flag, and cybersecurity compliance
• Find missing contracts
• Ongoing contract maintenance

Compliance Services

• Complete vendor inventory
• Risk ranking
• Reviews and summaries of due diligence information
• Policy review
• Vendor management procedures development and training
• Best practices procedures training

Contract Negotiation

• Price and price terms
• Performance requirements
• Agreed measurement system
• Policy review
• Fair risk allocation
• Compliance requirements

Strategic Vendor Planning

• Alignment with strategic plan
• Current vendor review and assessment
• Expense reduction plan
• Contract requirements fulfillment
• Risk evaluation plan