Strategic Plan Alignment

with Maple Street's Vendor Advantage System™

Maple Street’s Vendor Advantage System™ aligns your goals with the right vendors. With years of experience negotiating and remediating vendor contracts, we know which vendors will deliver real results, consistent with your strategic and operational plans. We know you count on your vendors, and our innovative system empowers us to manage vendors to deliver the results you want.

Align Your Vendors With Your Plans

As an organization, you build strategic and operational plans for what you need to do, but do you include plans for what you need vendors to do?

Because you rely on vendor performance to exceed your customers’ expectations, it’s vital you know which vendors will support your plans and deliver your needs to meet your plan requirements. Our years of expertise and knowledge about vendors and their ability to deliver results makes it possible to meet your strategic goals that are dependent on vendor performance.

After all, if customer satisfaction is critical to your success, are you choosing vendors that help or hurt your efforts?