Maple Street's Vendor Advantage System™

The Vendor Advantage System™ is designed to use vendor management to power your performance. The system integrates the five essential components necessary to manage vendors to achieve expense reduction, improved vendor performance and managed risk - and to make sure you pass your exam with flying colors. Our system works for banks and credit unions of all sizes.

Today’s competitive world calls for The Vendor Advantage System®

Credit unions and community banks face incredible competition. You can’t outspend your competitors or beat them with technology, marketing or size. How do you compete? Focus on your strength: you have one great advantage-your current customers and a great story to tell. Exceed their expectations and they will not only stay with you, but recommend you to their friends.

You rely on vendors to help you succeed, so top performance means getting the maximum out of your vendors. If your vendors don’t perform, it affects your ability to exceed customer expectations.

With Maple Street’s Vendor Advantage System® you’ll win. We’ll take care of the compliance requirements, you focus on delivering extraordinary performance to your customers.

What Is The Vendor Advantage System®

Maple Street’s VAS® is a complete system of interrelated services that allows you and Maple Street to manage vendors like never before. Vendor management, done properly, weds the science, art and methodology of supply chain management with compliance.

It’s about making sure you know what your vendor says it will provide and what your vendor is actually providing, coupled with the ability to do something about a vendor that isn’t living up to expectations. That means, for example, knowing how to negotiate service level agreements and uptime requirements, and checking to make sure you get the results you want.

Real world results of our Vendor Advantage System® are astounding. Maple Street’s Vendor Advantage System® has been proven to reduce vendor expenses. We’ve saved our clients more than $70 million dollars, and the number climbs higher each day.

Of course, we guarantee you will pass your exam, but there is so much more.

The Vendor Advantage System® is an ongoing, renewing system focused on achieving your primary objectives. It powers performance in every way possible.

The Vendor Advantage System® Model

The VAS® model illustrates the five components of the Vendor Advantage System®.

1. Choose the Right Vendor.

Our complete process helps you select vendors that deliver the results you want and moves beyond focusing on features and functions.

2. Contract Well.

With the Vendor Advantage System® performance and price are defined in a way that ensures you get the right contract, with the right results, at the right price.

3. Measure and Monitor

Our system effectively and consistently measures results and monitors vendors to verify that you are getting the results you want. Powering performance means vendors are performing at maximum ROI.

4. Strategic Plan Alignment

The Vendor Advantage System® clarifies how vendor choices and performance affect your ability to execute your strategic and operational plans. Evaluating your vendor choices with your plans means alignment, and alignment means results.

5. Vendor Planning

VAS® helps evaluate which vendors are performing at the level you expect and which ones are not, then plans how to align contracts and use time and competitive pressure to maximize your negotiation power. It’s a way to drive vendor performance higher.