Our mission, vision + values

Empowering credit unions and community banks to thrive

We fight for our clients

Maple Street was founded on the belief that we could level the playing field for our clients by revolutionizing how they manage their vendor relationships.

We strive to continue to grow our business by transforming the way the market manages its vendors to deliver a positive return.

We support this mission by providing the best service and value to our clients through the Vendor Advantage System® so our clients can compete and prosper.

Our values

Solutions-oriented mindset

Act like an owner.
Be accountable.

360 perspective

Look for and consider
all perspectives.

Emotional intelligence

Be self-aware.
Be others aware.


Always be honest and do the right things.


Be creative and curious. Be a lifelong learner.

Our clients

Our clients are well-respected, forward-thinking accomplished business leaders in their communities who surround themselves with smart, talented people to ensure their success and speak up, lead strong, and make a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

Our history

In 2003, Maple Street founder Mike Crofts was negotiating vendor contracts for credit unions and community banks. To his surprise, he discovered his clients weren’t managing their vendor contracts, resulting in loss of revenue and chaotic vendor management relationships. Seeing an overwhelming need, Mike developed Maple Street as a contract management service and the business took off.

The Maple street team quickly noticed a lack of consistency and discipline was prevalent throughout the industry. Some of its clients were paying vendors more—sometimes a lot more—than others. Contracts weren’t visible and continually rolled-over on automatic renewals or clients renewed contracts without negotiating them because they believed that had no negotiation power.


“Maple Street has saved its clients millions of dollars in
vendor costs since 2003.”


A year later, in 2004, the examiners began requiring community banks and credit unions to provide vendor management programs to reduce risk. Maple Street’s clients asked us for help. We responded with a suite of services and software to undertake and complete many of the tasks associated with the compliance requirements. Not only did our clients pass their exam with flying colors, we geared them up to focus on exceeding customer expectations.

Although much has changed in the industry over the years, some aspects have remained the same. Clients repeatedly face the same problems and issues with vendors, experience the same obstacles and consistently sign risk-shifting, one-sided vendor contracts with inflated prices.

With a passionate desire to help our clients, Maple Street is once again looking out for your interests by developing the only complete and comprehensive vendor management system that challenges credit unions and community banks to Think Different + Thrive: Maple Streets revolutionary Vendor Advantage System®.

Our leadership team

Mike Crofts


Since 1980 Mike has been in law, including as corporate attorney for banking software companies. Mike Crofts founded Maple Street in 2003 to put his expertise to work for banks and credit unions.

Teresa Crofts


In 2014, Teresa Crofts, MBA, joined the company as vice president of operations, bringing with her 30 years’ worth of experience from companies like Olivetti, Veritas and Symantec.

Josh Layne

Vice President

Josh Layne joined the company in 2006, initially as a sales director. Since joining, he has contributed as a contract negotiator and director of vendor management.

Together Maple Street and your team can drive great results—don’t just survive, thrive.

Empowering credit unions and
community banks to thrive™

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