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When you choose Maple Street’s expertise and the Vendor Advantage System®, you’ll pass your exam guaranteed.


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From gathering due diligence information to coaching you or your team, freeing up your team to focus on other priorities. We even provide a free exam planning kit, and, our staff are on call to help you earn an A+ on your exam.

Plus, we’ll get on the phone with your examiners and walk them through the system, bringing our knowledge of the Vendor Advantage System® and vendor management requirements to your aid.


Maple Street’s
pass your exam guarantee

You get our expertise.

We do most of the work for you.

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The Vendor Advantage System® positive ROI guarantee

We’re so sure our innovative system will improve performance and earn a positive ROI, we guarantee it. And we’ll track it to prove it.

You’ll not only pass your exam, with the Vendor Advantage System® your vendor management program
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No other vendor management system can make this promise.

The Vendor Advantage System® pays for itself

For every dollar you pay Maple Street, we return up to $20!

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