Next Level Vendor Management That Works For You

Next Level Vendor management encompasses all aspects of a complete vendor management system to reduce expenses, improve vendor performance, and manage risk. Next Level Vendor Management is a combination of service and technology to create a discipline that enables our clients to build and use vendor relationships to grow their organizations and better compete.

What is The Vendor Advantage System®?

The Vendor Advantage System® is the only complete, outsourced, interrelated system that has helped credit unions and community banks get fair, risk-balanced vendor performance to achieve the results they expect from their vendors. Using The Vendor Advantage System® will help your bank or credit union improve in these key areas:


Give everyone in your credit union or bank clarity, understanding and focus on vendors, vendor performance and risk to get the performance you require from your vendors.


Understand how your vendors are performing and the results you’re getting; rid yourselves of poor-performing vendors and select vendors that will deliver the results you want – according to your plan.


Put the manage in vendor management and help your team, get the best prices, measure vendor performance to hold vendors accountable.

Why The Vendor Advantage System® works

Credit unions and community banks across the country have been working with Maple Street using The Vendor Advantage System® to get fair contracts, best prices, and managed risk.

Save time and resources

Outsourcing any of the time-consuming tasks of vendor management lets you apply your time and resources to other important tasks.

A holistic model

Rather than looking at each component of vendor management separately, we look at vendor management as a holistic model and integrated system that uses system thinking and a system approach to all of the different aspects of vendor management to provide better outcomes.

Define + achieve results

The Vendor Advantage System® provides an experience-based, real world framework to define the results you want from vendors and accountability to measure and achieve results.

Solve problems once and for all

Outsourcing any of the time-consuming tasks of vendor management lets you apply your time and resources to other important tasks.

Learn about the components of a revolutionary vendor management system

Vendor Selection

Includes new vendor vetting, choosing the right vendor, RFP management, best terms and pricing.

Vendor Contract Negotiation

Includes negotiating for the best terms and pricing, performance monitoring, and vendor score carding.

Vendor Management Compliance Services

Includes VM policy & procedure development, risk assessments, risk ranking, due diligence collection, due diligence summaries (SSVRK – Street Smart Vendor Review Kits) and SOC Report Deep-Dive reviews.

Contract Management

Includes vendor identification, contract collection, organization, and contract alerts (auto triggered)

Vendor Performance Evaluation

Includes relationship contracting and performance addendum.