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Reduce your expenses with the Vendor Advantage System®

Maple Street’s revolutionary Vendor Advantage System® is the only system that goes beyond the paper chase with a proven process to deliver a complete vendor management program, incorporate supply chain management principles and manage vendor lifecycles. Our system reduces expenses, improves vendor performance and manages risk.

With Vendor Advantage System®, we guarantee you’ll save more money than you spend on and you’ll pass your exam. Email mssales@maplestreetinc.com to learn more. 

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Real Success Stories

The Vendor Advantage System® has been proven to help credit union’s reduce expenses, improve vendor performance and manage risk

Maple Street helped save NIHFCU over $200,000 on the first major contract negotiated and has continued to provide negotiation services that total $5,333,000 in savings to date – and the credit union passed every exam.

Maple Street helped re-build Mazuma, saved the institution over $6 million, helped increase services and negotiated more favorable vendor contract terms while keeping them healthy in the eyes of examiners and vendors.

Maple Street’s vendor management helped Skypoint FCU achieve success and save over $1 million, double their assets, triple their loan portfolio… with no mergers. 

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