Happiness is a warm blanket

Maple Street Inc. gives handmade blankets to Kids House Child Advocacy Center

Famed cartoonist Charles Shultz titled one of his books “Happiness is a Warm Puppy.” We agree, but for a child in need – happiness can also be a warm blanket.

Maple Street donates blankets to kids house child advocacy center

Sometimes, people who have almost everything they need don’t recognize the little things that can be so meaningful – like a blanket for a child who is victim of abuse.

For the past eight years, the team at Maple Street has gathered the day before Thanksgiving to tie soft flannel together to make blankets for children at Kids House Child Advocacy Center in Seminole County.

The blankets go to children who have witnessed or experienced domestic violence. Often, the children are scared, confused and uncertain of their future. Their foundation has been rocked by abuse.

Kids House Child Advocacy Center’s mission is to prevent child abuse and to aid victims and families who have already suffered. The organization provides coordinated services, in order to support families from the time abuse is reported through the resolution of the investigation. Kids House provides trauma-focused therapy, medical assessments, crisis intervention and more.

“We work all year to empower credit unions and community banks to thrive through vendor management and industry leading contract negotiations,” explained Maple Street CEO Teresa Crofts. “It is important that we take time to give back the communities we serve. It is important to support our home base of Seminole County.”

Maple Street has made more than 200 blankets over the last eight years. Crofts said creating the blankets started as a team-building event, and now, has grown into so much more.

She continued, “Our team really looks forward to this event each year. They know how much it means to child going through challenging times. Kids House is a safe haven to those in need and empowers change in their lives. We hope our blankets can bring a little happiness to the kids!’’