New Vendor Vetting Kit

Make new vendor risk assessment easier, faster, more effective and consistent with FFIEC best practices.

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New Vendor vetting

Maple Street’s New Vendor Vetting Kit includes the documentation needed to know who your new vendor is, including financial and background information. The kit details what information and due diligence documentation you used to make a comprehensive risk assessment and provide a simple way to share evidence to your management, board, auditors, and examiners that a full vetting effort was completed.

The kit comes in two options: a full-service version for all critical and most important vendors, and a lite version for lower risk vendors with minimal due diligence documentation available.

Benefits of New Vendor Vetting Kits:

Know who you’re contracting with from a risk standpoint

Easily avoid vendors with significant red flags

Cover NCUA or FDIC requirements for a risk assessment for all new vendors

Be consistent so vetting is done objectively and comprehensively

Save significant time and resources

Manage decisions and create focal points for contract negotiation with the vendor

Get clarity on monitoring needs post-contracting

What's included:

Full Kit

  • Street Smart Vendor Review Kit
    • SOC review and summary
    • Financial review
    • Insurance comparison summary
    • OFAC pull
  • Argos Risk Comprehensive Report
    • General and background information
    • Dun & Bradstreet Risk and Viability Rating
    • Argos Risk Financial Assessments
  • New Vendor Checklist
  • Inherent Risk Rank Assessment
  • Residual Risk Assessment Tool
  • A CADi location to manage all due diligence and vetting documentation, reviews, assessment notes, and action items
Cost: $450 per vendor

Lite Kit

  • Argos Risk Comprehensive Report (identical to a standard kit)
  • New Vendor Checklist (abbreviated version)
  • Insurance comparison summary (identical to a standard kit)
  • OFAC pull
Cost: $250 per vendor

How to order:

The New Vendor Vetting Kit is in CADi under the Project Tracker section. Orders can be made directly on the platform, and all documentation can be quickly uploaded there. Maple Street’s review kit pieces, new vendor checklist and comprehensive report are available in this section and retained for future needs, like reporting to management, the board, auditors or examiners.

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