WolfPAC, Expert-Powered Integrated Risk Management Platform

The risk landscape is changing every day. Without a proper enterprise risk management (ERM) framework in place, your organization faces unprecedented threats and challenges.

That’s where WolfPAC enters the equation

WolfPAC is a fully-integrated suite of software and expert advisory services designed to identify the true threats to your business and keep your organization safe.

Maple Street and WolfPAC Solutions Risk Management

It helps the nation’s top community banks and credit unions build modern, scalable ERM programs that stand up to the threats of today and tomorrow. That includes cybercrime, business continuity challenges, shifting regulatory requirements and whatever else the world throws at us next!

More about WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management

WolfPAC’s platform provides the tools you need to review and monitor risk across all critical enterprise risk areas, including:

  • Information technology
  • Data security and privacy
  • Third-party
  • Regulatory compliance

Since 2004, WolfPAC has helped over 6,000 users mitigate risk and save money, time and resources, when and where it matters most.

WolfPAC’s holistic approach to ERM

  • Streamlines your data and reporting
  • Identifies threats and gaps
  • Gives visibility to all authorized users into your systems, controls and vendors

Maple Street and WolfPAC’s partnership and integration

Maple Street and WolfPAC have joined forced to deliver a comprehensive vendor management and enterprise risk solution. This new offering makes it easier and more cost-effective for banks and credit unions to build and maintain strong vendor relationships that keep their organizations safe, generate a positive ROI and propel their institution forward.

This joint solution also gives clients everything they need to manage risk across their entire organization in one fully-integrated platform that’s easy to implement and use.

This new, unprecedented level of visibility, process automation and data centralization create significant value for customers by facilitating:

  • Significant cost reductions
  • Improved vendor performance
  • Positive ROI on vendor relationships
  • Successful regulatory exam results
  • Strengthened ability to deter, detect and defend against the most critical threats to your organization

Don’t miss WolfPAC’s upcoming webinar

Want to learn more about the new Maple Street and WolfPAC ERM solution? Tune in to the upcoming Street Smarts webinar at 2 p.m. EST on September 29. To learn more and sign up, view our sign-up page.