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Don’t confuse software for service… One creates more work. The other takes the load off.

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Stop piling on the paperwork — Outsource to Maple Street to save time and money, and pass your exam

There is a tremendous amount of time-consuming work involved in vendor management and it’s something your employees really don’t want to do. The perceived value of the work is low, so don’t make your employees spend time doing something that’s “grunt work.” Outsource it to Maple Street to let your employees focus on other important matters, plus pass your exam with flying colors. Guaranteed.

When employees have choices about where they work and what they do, piling on mindless paperwork isn’t the way to keep or motivate them. Why not let Maple Street do the paperwork for your team at a cost below your current cost, so your team can deliver value to you and feel good about their work.

Get real help! Outsource your vendor management to Maple street’s teams of specialists via our Vendor Advantage System®. No more hours spent in the trenches preparing for the exam. Maple Street does it for and with you, all while reducing expenses and improving vendor performance.

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