Three Ways We LOVE to Help You Save Money

At Maple Street, one of our key goals is to change vendor management from an expense to an expense reduction program. We don’t just do this for big institutions. Helping community banks and credit unions to thrive makes our hearts beat faster.  As the only complete vendor management solution and robust software platform combined, we […]

The countdown for negotiation in 2023 is up. Are you ahead of the game in 2024?

This time of year, everyone starts counting down the days left on the calendar. Kids count down the days left until Santa comes. Soon, people will don sparkly outfits and count down the seconds until they raise their glass to the new year. Some countdowns are fun. Some, though—like when your contract is ticking down […]

This Thanksgiving season, let’s give thanks for our wonderful vendors 

At a time when you are more dependent than ever on vendor performance to meet your goals, let’s give thanks for those vendors that live up to their promises. The ones that offer you a fair contract at a fair price and would never dream of sneaking in a hidden fee. The ones that never […]

Three negotiation mistakes that should scare you

You know the saying, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you?” This misguided sentiment often leads credit unions and community banks into DIY negotiations in which they believe they are well prepared to negotiate with vendors.  In reality, however, the institutions are setting themselves up to be robbed blind and get poor vendor performance for […]

Assessing inherent risk: The Maple Street way

What is inherent risk and how do you assign levels to risk to manage it for your institution?  With Maple Street’s approach, you’ll find assessing and ranking risk is less complicated than you may think.