The examiner cometh. Are you prepared?

You know it’s coming. And every year, your team spends countless hours gathering the available information, hunting through files, poring through financial databases and searching for more requirements only to discover some documents are missing and the search begins all over again.

At Maple Street, we have your back. It is our mission to empower organizations like yours to thrive. That’s why we’ve provided hundreds of C-Level credit union and community bank executives swift relief from the pain of compliance. We know that time spent preparing for your exam could be time spent doing what you do best—exceeding your customers’ expectations.

person excited about passing a test

The solution? We offer our clients our Street Smart Vendor Review Kits. Street Smart Vendor Review Kits are customized for your firm and contain reviews and summaries of your important documents, as well as checklists and tools to make your review process easier.

For example, our kits contain reviews and summaries for SSAE-16 audit reports, financials and insurance documents, including three-year trend data. You’ll also find OFAC reports on vendors, Certificates of Good Standing from applicable states and checklists to assist with your review of business continuity plans. Plus, enhanced SSAE-16 summaries are included for you to respond to user control considerations.

The value of using Street Smart Vendor Review Kits is two-fold. First, because of Maple Street’s extensive industry knowledge, we know exactly what to look for in these lengthy documents. We are able to highlight the key information and provide what your examiners look for in an in-depth, complete summary. Second, using the kits will save time and simplify the vendor review process.

You can save even more time and let us get the job done for you. In addition to offering you our Street Smart Vendor Review Kits, we’ll do everything from gathering your information to coaching your team. In fact, when you choose Maple Street and our revolutionary Vendor Advantage System®, we guarantee you’ll pass your exam with flying colors. We’ll even get on the phone with your examiners and walk them through your approval process, bringing our knowledge of the Vendor Advantage System® and vendor management requirements to your aid. With Maple Street’s expertise and VAS®, we not only guarantee you’ll pass your exam, we guarantee you’ll improve your financial performance as well.

Are you ready to give up tedious work and stop worrying about your exam? Give us a call and be street smart with Maple Street.

The Maple Street Compliance Team