The value of vendor planning

Credit unions and community banks routinely do strategic planning – the key word being “routine,” because institutions frequently fail to consider all aspects and possibilities, including the tools you’ll need to get the results you want three to five years from now.

The Performance Addendum

Maple Street has been negotiating with your vendors for over 18 years. We negotiated great results but wanted to see where we could improve, so we took the time to evaluate past negotiation projects to determine if our clients were getting the results vendors promised.

Is Your Vendor Management Program Limping Along?

As we move into the second quarter, now is a great time to assess how your vendors are performing during a period when technology is critical to meeting your members’ or customers’ needs.

Our Best Practices To Select, Opt-In & Review Important Vendors

When it comes to Important vendors, it can be challenging to keep track of when they are important to your credit union or community bank. Maple Street’s knowledgeable vendor compliance team is here to help guide you through the process and make short work of your due diligence review.