Workplace satisfaction is at a 20-year low: Stop driving employees away!

Don’t pile on mindless tasks – outsource to Maple Street to increase job satisfaction

The Credit Union Times recently reported on a study from MetLife that found job satisfaction has hit a 20-year low. No one is more dissatisfied than younger workers. These young people thrive and will stay longer when companies support their social and mental well-being and give them interesting, meaningful work to do.

However, Covid and the Great Resignation have thrown credit unions and community banks a curve ball. When employees leave, it’s harder to be sensitive to the needs of those who remain because the work still has to be done.  You end up piling on grunt work when your employees want the opposite. This is particularly true in the world of vendor management. There’s nothing like the annual dread of tracking down vendors, reviewing contracts, risk assessments, due diligence gathering and exam-prep to add more negative feelings that may already be building up. In fact, it increases job dissatisfaction in a hurry.

It’s a tough decision when you have to choose between employee contentment, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. A lot of caring leaders may choose to run out and get a costly software package to help. But guess who has to learn the software?  Guess who has to fit the time into their bursting schedule to use the software correctly and consistently? Those same dissatisfied employees, who may find the software just as meaningless. Or worse yet, they may complete the training and quit, leaving you in the lurch.

You can get help – real help – with the mundane administration and the time-consuming tasks of vendor management: Outsource the dirty work to Maple Street’s teams of specialists via our Vendor Advantage System®.  No more hours spent in the trenches of vendor management because Maple Street does it for you.  With our automation, our specialists do this work all day, every day without missing a beat.  We enable you to actually “manage” vendors, while we handle the time-consuming burden of keeping the process running smoothly and consistently. 

Want to put a smile on your employees’ faces and create job fulfilment instead of a revolving door? Tell your team they don’t have to do that grunt work anymore.  Let them focus on what you hired them to do – working smart.  Make that loan.  Open that account.  Bring in new business.  Serve your community, not your vendors. 

Want to keep your talent in-house?  Outsource your vendor management to Maple Street. You’ll save more than you spend and pass your exam, guaranteed.

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Background for this article was provided by Credit Union Times reporting on a survey that workplace satisfaction is at a 20-year low.